5 Spots Only!

I want to help get you to $5k/month online...
Without all the hassles and confusion that others would fool you with!

"I'm Taking 5 People To $5k/month in the next 30 days, want in?"

My $5k/mo coaching is very easy to follow, so that even the biggest of newbies can start crushing it :)

No email list needed to get started. No prior experienced needed!
No special skills required. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to reach $5k/mo online :)



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(when you have a balance like this.. it gives you complete FREEDOM.)

Student Making $5,000/Month

Hey hey, Erik Cagi here.

In this new training+coaching, I am determined to take 5 PEOPLE to $5k/mo.

...within the next 30 days!

Bold claim YES, but I am up for the challenge ;)

Over the years, I have helped many newbies and complete newcomers reach $10k/mo and $15k/mo. And so, $5k/mo is a VERY realistic and achievable goal.

Especially when you see what I'm pulling in...

But it was definitely NOT like this couple years ago...

See, I got started when I was around 12,

and managed to make my first commission online when I was 14.

However, since then, it was always a struggle.

It was around the time when I was finishing highschool that I realized I better make this online thing work OR...

I have to get a 9-5 job and pay for my college education.

Well, things didnt work out quite well.

I was forced to move to England with my girlfriend and work at a factory to be able to afford the food and a place to live in.

I was working in a wet wipe's factory and that's when I realized this isn't for me.

Going somewhere I don't want to go,

Doing something I don't want to do for 12 hours,

and getting paid slightly above average than I would at my home country.

Fast forward to today,

I would have NEVER expected to be making this kind of $$ in PayPal!

All that being said,

I'm SUPER grateful for everything I have now.

It has freed me from working in a dead 9-5 job,

I haven't had a J.O.B. (just-over-broke) in 4 years

and I was lucky to work in one for only 5 months.

And for that I'm truly grateful.
And NOW it's time for me to give back!
And show YOU exactly how to do the same.

I have decided to put together the most effective and PROVEN $5k to $10k/mo training+coaching you'll find online.

I Am Determined and Ready To Take 5 People To $5k/month within the next 30 days! We're gonna move QUICK. You want in??

Bottom line is... If you've been struggling to make real legit income online, then this program I'm putting together is the SIMPLE answer. I've figured out the perfect formulas to hit 5-figures/mo online.

I know what works and what doesn't work.

And I am confident I can take 5 people to $5k/mo as long as they follow my super SIMPLE steps.

When you finally start seeing your own 4-figure paydays and 5-figure months, that's when things get REALLY exciting.

Forewarning.. that's when things can get a tad addictive :)

That's when you find yourself hitting the 'Refresh' button over and over again to see how much money you're making. And that's when the naysayers and doubters in your life start to say.. "wow.. I'm actually impressed."

My training is 10x easier than most other trainings and coaching programs out there. And 10x more profitable as you saw from all the PROOF.

Bottom line is...

I have figured out a super SIMPLE way to get real results online.

Life changing results.

Results you can finally be PROUD of.

  • Simply follow my core steps that I outline for you and you'll be on the $5k to $10k+/mo track. And no list is needed to get started with this. And no product launching is needed either. This is EASIER than 99% of the so-called systems out there.
  • And you can rinse & REPEAT my steps and training as many times as you'd like. The more you repeat it, the more money you make :)
  • I show you how to 5x to 10x your investment quickly. I want you in the green ASAP. And I lay everything out for you and leave no stone left unturned so that there is absolutely NO guesswork for you.
  • I am determined to take 5 people to $5k/month. And I know the quickest and EASIEST way to make that happen.

Here's Exactly What You're Getting Inside This Coaching Offer...

  • I pull back the curtain and take you by the hand and walk you through ALL of my SIMPLE steps to ensure you hit $5k to $10k/mo online quickly with this proven battle-tested system.
  • You'll also get Personal Access to ME, a 6-figure marketer who is making $10k to $15k/mo online. You'll be able to ask me any questions along the way, so you NEVER get stuck & lost.
  • You'll be able to LEVERAGE completely off of my online assets.. this by itself makes this a complete NO BRAINER. No other marketers are willing to do this for you. My 25k+ email list? yep. You can leverage off of it! I'll show you how. My connections with JVs and affiliates? yep. You can leverage off that as well. My promo material? yep. It's all done for you and ready for you to copy & paste.
  • I am also revealing all of my best-kept secrets on exactly how to build a crazy profitable online biz. And I give you simple homework tasks so you stay the course and start getting results asap!
  • I show you all of my PROVEN strategies and secrets to help get you to $5k to $10k/mo quickly... without all the headaches and hard work!
  • Step-by-step instructions to ensure you stay on track and don't get lost.
  • DFY tools, promo material, & resources to make the entire process 10x easier for you.

As you can see, this training is 100% geared to getting you INSANE PROFITS QUICKLY so you can finally shun any of the naysayers in your life... (debts, doubters, you name it.)



My PayPal Balance:

(when you have a balance like this.. it gives you complete FREEDOM.)

Student Making $5,000/Month

If you can follow my simple steps, then I invite you to join as one of the 5.

And you're 100% protected by my INSANE guarantee:

Ironclad 30-Day
Money Back Guarantee

Let me take on ALL the risk. I'm so confident that if you apply EVERYTHING I teach you, in the way I teach you, that if for some reason you're unable to get results of any kind then simply shoot me an email showing me it didn't work for you, and I’ll send all your money back right away.

That’s right, I don't want your money if you aren’t getting RESULTS with my proven 5-figure/mo system. So you are completely protected by this 30-Day Guarantee.

I'm pulling back the curtain and revealing my very best-kept secrets on how I'm doing a CONSISTENT $12k+/mo online. Without spending thousands on paid traffic, and without all the hard work and hassles.

...and without all the smoke and mirrors that so many others are misguiding you with!

If you want real guidance.. guidance from a legit 6-figure marketer who is IN the trenches and who refuse to give you smoke and mirrors, then lock in your spot here:

Price: $997  Special Price: $197


NOTE: There are NO OTOS or upsells on the other side.
There's also no hidden recurring fees. Just $197 (one time fee) gets you in!

No list required to get started. No difficult work needed. No tech skills. No video creation. No marketing skills required.
None of that!

This is my very BEST training+coaching to date. Hands down.

And $197 is an absolute steal for what you're getting here - Proven $5k to $10k/mo Training+Coaching.

And just so you're not sweating to be out the $197... I'm going to show you how to 5x to 10x your investment soon after we get started.

Because I want you in the green ASAP.

Note: This big discount is for the first 5 people ONLY.

And when I reopen this again, the price will be $997. I have done my best to perfect my methods, so that you can put it into action right away and start seeing INSANE results for yourself.

This new training & coaching is unlike anything you've seen before.

$5k to $10k/months... consistently. Think about that for a second!

That's what it's done for me personally.

My methods are fine-tuned and PERFECTED.. after YEARS of trial and error.

And my secret multi 5-figure/mo strategies are SIMPLER than ever before.

The proof on this page speaks for itself.

And so many other marketers have attempted to copy my strategies and methods... big names that I won't bother naming here. I've realized that it's actually very flattering :) because it shows me I am doing something right. It shows that I'm ahead of the game.

And now it's your turn to get AHEAD OF THE GAME as well.

You're going to flip when you see how EASY it is to hit $5k/mo to $10k/mo online.. especially with my proven battle-tested strategies.

This training + coaching is unlike anything else out there right now.

I am ready to take 5 people to $5k/mo!

That's the goal. Let's do this!

I'm super excited about this new program that I'm putting together. And I'm 100% dedicated and READY to take 5 people to $5k/month, ideally within the next 30 days!

I hope to be working with you on the inside as one of the 5!

Erik Cagi

Price: $997  Special Price: $197


NOTE: There are NO OTOS or upsells on the other side.
There's also no hidden recurring fees. Just $197 (one time fee) gets you in!

5 Spots Only!

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