Fuego Multiplier Review

Revolutionary new method from Jono & Brendan.

A.K.A. The FUEGO Agents.

I really love this method and don't see a single reason why it should not work. For only 12.95, I totally recommend it.

However, there are some things I want you to know before you buy it so please watch my review below.

It's an awesome way to make money, but you don't want to get it without my custom bonuses. Otherwise you'll have troubles setting it up…

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My Exclusive Bonus Pack:

BONUS #1 – Fast, High Quality, ZERO COST Traffic Source To build your audience
In this bonus I'm going to show you how to use one of my favourite traffic sources to get high quality traffic without paying for it from your own pocket. It's going to help you build your retargeting audience fast & with very high quality clicks. You can expect to get anywhere from 500-600 HQ clicks to your link. PERFECT for Fuego Multiplier.

BONUS #2 – 100% FREE Traffic Source To build your audience
Another traffic source + strategy to build your audience. You'll also start making money while you're building your audience. Amazing method + works PERFFECT with Fuego Multiplier.

BONUS #3 – My EXACT $2,500 bonus page + how to duplicate it
Inside the Fuego you'll learn that you CAN'T direct link to the offer itself and you'll need to build some kind of a ‘bridge page' or ‘bonus page'. In this bonus I'm going to show you my EXACT bonus page that had over 70% conversion rate and made me well over $2,500 in profit.

BONUS #4 – CHAT Support to set up the Fuego Multiplier
The videos in the members area are TOP Quality, complete step-by-step over the shoulder type of videos so there shouldn't be anything missing. However, you may or may not have questions during the setup of Fuego Multiplier so if you need any help, I'm here for you and I'll help you to set up Fuego Multiplier via chat on facebook.

Click Here To Get The Fuego Multiplier + My Exclusive Bonus Package

FE: $12.95 on a Dime Sale (Fuego Multiplier)
Fuego Multiplier is a method that “multiplies” your results with almost no extra work involved. It’s very easy, and it 100% works.

OTO 1: $37 Fuego Funnels
The training course shows people how to do it themselves. This upgrade has us do it for them.

OTO 2: $197 – Limitless Traffic… RECOMMENDED
This is a special deal with limited spots. We are going to allow people to siphon virtually unlimited traffic off our launches. How? With a special tracking pixel they can put on our sales page.

OTO 3: $67 Profit Maximizer
So far we have shown people how to get traffic on demand. This upgrade shows them how to maximize the money they make from Fuego Funnels.

OTO 4:$97- DS $47
License Rights: 100% Commissions on the entire funnel

  1. Hey erick. I noticed you retargeted me for the fuego multiplier but you dont have a video on the sales page. How did you do this?

  2. Thanks for the reply. What I mean is that you dont have a testimonial video on the fuego salespage. So I was wondering how you retargeted me. Is that something that you show in your bonuses?

  3. Erik. your Paypal page isn’t working!! Trying to pay $197 for Limitless traffic before 100 are sold!!! HELP. I just bought the $12.95 Fuego to get you Bonus to Fix Pixel working with you!! Julie Barkley

    • Hey, it is… but it’s going to take you longer… The timeless traffic is really a great shortcut and with that you’re going to make the money back really fast.

  4. Hi Erik, I bought the limitless traffic, but still would appreciate your sharing the “fix” in Fuego that Jono didn’t disclose.

    • Kindly check your email address. You’ll get a receipt + there’s gonna be access to everything there 🙂

    • Hey Norbert, go through the course and it’s showing exact steps 🙂 With Fuego, I recommend the limitless traffic upgrade. Makes it 20x easier

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