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  1. Hi…
    How many OTO’s I need before I can make $50.00 ??
    I don’t participate in social media… NO Fb etc.

    How I can benefit with Free Buyer Traffic ?? FREE is NOT targeted traffic as you know so… HOW you can make money with a random traffic ??
    I don’t have money to loose and every purchase requires OTO’s to make
    product work… Is this one of those ??

    PLEASE respond to ALL my questions…

    • You don’t need any OTOs, if you dont participate in social media, well then go find a job. This is NOT TAYLORED TO EVERYONE. Do you complain like this in your job too? I doubt it…

      It’s free traffic, pretty targeted because of the sources that are shown in the course, but what else do yo uwant? Free can be VERY WELL TARGETED, it requires a work to be done to get it.

      With this attitude, you’ll never make it because you expect like it’s SOMEONES DUTY to find a perfect method for you so you can earn milions online while doing nothing. NOPE.

      This product is showing what’s WORKING, what’s working NOW and how to do it. It’s as newbie friendly as possible, but if you keep making excuses, you’ll never find anything that will work for you.

      Hope that helps!

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