Re-KaChing Review

Re-Kaching Review

Welcome to my Re-Kaching Review.

Inside this review I'll go through the entire course Re-Kaching – sales page, members area and the funnels /otos, pricing/ and give you my honest opinion on it.

Does it work? Is it going to make you money?

Let me answer that in my review video below:


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My Exclusive Bonus Pack:

BONUS #1 – CHAT Support to set up the Re-Kaching
The videos in the members area are TOP Quality, complete step-by-step over the shoulder type of videos so there shouldn’t be anything missing. However, you may or may not have questions during the setup of Re-Kaching so if you need any help, I’m here for you and I’ll help you to set up Re-Kaching via chat on facebook.

  1. Hi Erk, Thank you, for all your in iformation .
    I like how you explain everything loud and clear. I am trying for a few years, to built something up, without results. But your presentation, gives me hope.
    I love your bonus, because I still don’t have any idea about traffic, ads and all those kind of stuff. And I really need an income, because I’m at an age, that no company want to hire me anymore. And my health condition also don’t allow it anymore.
    So I’m gonna order OTO 3, and we’ll keep in touch.
    Probably this weekend you will no hear more from me, because I will be busy this weekend with “congregation training in the church”. Have a nice weekend. Jerson

    • Hey Tony,

      Yes there are upsells – I talk about them later in the video, and yes. THIS DOES WORK, I don’t review products that don’t work. 🙂

  2. I created a wordpress page just like u said in the free training video but the plugin for pretty links does not let me download it to shortin my affiliate link

  3. Thanks 4 replying I was having problems with installing WordPress on my pc but it’s installed now long with Mamp now that I add the plugin pretty link inside WordPress if I want to add a pretty link I know the target url is my affiliate link but the next which is pretty link said Http//localhost do I put my website address here I do not have one Yet are there Anyways that I can created a website for free for myself am an newbie just starting out please help.

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