The Lost Code Review & THE BEST BONUS

Welcome to my The Lost Code Review.

I have gone through the whole course and ooh boy.. After ‘accidentally' making $2,500 with this, I had to put together the best bonus pack out there.


Check out my full video review below and see what I am so HYPED about:

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My Exclusive Bonus Pack:

#1 – 2 HACKS To Make MORE Money From The Lost Code
This bonus alone is going to double or even triple your earnings with The Lost Code. After going through the course I've noticed small hacks that can be applied and nobody talks about them in the lost code.  Inside, I'm going to show you how to apply them and make more money without any extra work.

#2 – The Lost Code PAGEBUILDING PLUGIN For 90% OFF!
Inside the Lost COde, they're going to show you some strategies that require a website/landing page builder. In this bonus I'm going to show you how to get one, perfect for The Lost Code for 90% OFF.

#3 – The Lost Code's Side Kick $150/Day Method
Very newbie friendly way of making $150 per day. Perfect side-kick method to boost your earnings with The Lost Code. Works especially good with the “Simple Little Promos” section.

#4 – My $2,500 The Lost Code's CASE STUDY – Not Included in the course!
How I used the Lost Code – without actually knowing it – and made $2,500 in pure profitz. Complete, step by step overview of my results. Everything is going to be revealed!

#5 – The Lost Code TRAFFIC BOOST
There are some good traffic strategies inside the lost code, however to get the ultimate advantage and get started sooner than anyone else – THIS IS THE GO-TO traffic boost. This alone can make you back the investment in just couple of days after implementing.

#6 – The Lost Code Facebook support
Do you need that extra help while setting stuff up? Well, let me extend my hand and give you my one-on-one facebook chat support. If you have anything that you need to help with, I'm here via facebook.

#7 – $300-$400/DAY, FAST & SIMPLE – For anyone who picks up limitless traffic UPGRADE!!
Get to $300-$400 per day FAST and SIMPLE with the limitless traffic upgrade. I'll help you set it up and show you a way how to use it to bank $300-$400 per day. Very newbie friendly + you'll get my help.

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  1. Hi Erik, does this Product require any extra Purchases to make it give the results it claims? I have Purchased a neverending List of so called Money Making Products , only to find I need to spend more money. As I am on a very limited Budget (Age Pension) this stops me from going any further. Regards, Tony

    • Hey Tony,

      There are some expenses afterwards as with EVERYTHING. IMagine you have a job – you must find a way to get there which you pay for if you don’t live very close, if you do – you can walk which takes your time 🙂 Same as with internet marketing you can either find ways to pay for – as this course and paid traffic or do everything for free – but it’s going to cost you your time.

      My point is, there will be some expenses but thats not a thing you should worry about. Dont look for a course without expenses, get this and make it work. Hope I helped you.

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