Traffic Laze Review

You're gonna hear a lot about the new software called the ‘Traffic Laze'…

Honestly, for only 12 bucks it's a must have and I don't say this often but just go buy it, there's no way you could lose money on this one.

However, there are some things I want you to know before you buy it so please watch my review below.

It's an awesome software, but if you're gonna get it without my bonus pack, you'll be missing out on a lot of things…


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My Exclusive Bonus Pack:

#1 – 100$ Per Day With Traffic Laze
Traffic Laze doesn't come with any monetization methods so this one is perfect for anybody to start making 100 per day with the free traffic. It's very scalable and doesn't require more than 20 minutes per day.

#2 – Make Money WITHOUT Selling Anything
Not everyone likes selling online, but I haven't seen anyone who doesn't like to make money online. This is one of the easiest ways to start making money without selling digital or physical products.

#3 – Get Paid To Build Your List
You've heard it million times… The money is in the list. Let me show you how you can start building your list and ‘get paid to do it'.

#4 – Run Traffic Laze 24/7/365
The point of traffic laze is to set it up once and don't really worry about it after that. Inside this bonus I'll show you how to set it up so you can leave it running 24/7/365 without even having your computer on.

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  1. Hi Erik, Have you actually gone through and used the software yourself using a Brand New (No Followers) Instagram account? And made Money?

    • Hey David, not recently.

      But in the past I used similar software (followliker actually) with aged accounts and I made money. It’s not advised to use fresh accounts.

  2. Hi Eric,
    Thanks for your review of traffic laze.Tell me what exactly would i need to do to be succesfull with this product. I am a total newbie,so please let me know.Do i need to buy anything else? are there any other costs involved?

    • Hey,

      You’d probably need a way to make money – my bonuses or if you already know a way, and you will need instagram accounts + proxies.

      Previously you’d have to use a 97$ software + accounts which could be around 140$ total, but this new software is just 12 bucks so it’s really saving you tons of money.

  3. Hello Erik,
    What is the proof that if I get this software and follow the instructions I’m sure to make money online?
    I bought piggyback pay day but I couldn’t do anything with it not talk of making money with it because the video tutorials were not recorded properly, are you sure this videos are OK? And if not I’m I sure of getting my money back?
    Can I use the software in Nigeria?

    • Hey,

      The videos are great and in-depth, just the money making part is missing.

      Proof? Well, if you get traffic/targeted traffic to an offer, you will make money. There isn’t really law for that, but I made money with that in the past so… 🙂

  4. Hi< I bought traffic laze through your link. I tried to access the bonus but was directed to PASTEBIN, please how do i access the bonus

    • Hey,

      Well if you can follow set of instructions, get it set up it’s really something great to get started with.

      Once you set it up the traffic will be coming to your pages for weeks.

  5. Hey eric i need help setting this up and i was woundering if you can help me orif you can set it up for me i need someone i can trust and i need to make money as i have had four strokes and i need help and i need to getthisgoing so i can start paying off my medical bills then start saving to move please willyouhelp me do a sight thank you for listening email

    • Hey,

      Sorry, but I really can’t set it up for you. There is an upgrade but that costs 197…

      The videos are really high quality and if you go through them couple times you’ll surely be able to set it up.

  6. I am also a newbie. If I buy through your link and follow Traffic Laze guidelines for use, in your estimate about how long will it take to get me to $50 per month or more of income? Will the Done For You upsell help get me to that level of income quicker if I purchased it?

    • Hey,

      $50 per month? You should definitely aim higher 🙂

      The DFY is going to help you but it’s 197… so I understand it’s not for everyone. But they’re going to set up the accounts for you – which in some cases people are having hard time doing because it’s a little bit technical, however Jono did awesome job explaining it.

  7. Thanks for your response but what is the best way to get your bonus because i have brought the fe product from a different person and you stated to get the first OTO ..So i will have to buy the front end product again then buy the first OTO ..Which means i have spend 13 +13+17 =43 dollars…. I have the Fe Product but if i upgrade the other person get the sale because i am not buying from your right!!!!

    • Hey,

      As a reply to all your comments, the bonuses are for the FE only. So if you want to receive my bonuses you’ll have to buy from my emails/bonuspages/videos/blogs.

      I dont think you can get bonuses when you buy the upgrades only.

  8. Your link !!! So if you have a different way let me..
    Because i can login and get upgrade but how will you get that sale if will go but your affiliate link just let me know

    • I would love to work with you and learn how to this because I’m doing CPA offers I just need to get to understanding and get the results that you’re getting

  9. Yes that is what i was saying i have to buy your fe link to get your bonus ..that means i will be paying 43 dollars to.get this

  10. Eric so if i buy the course what would i need to give to someone to do the info for me and how much would i want to give them to do this for me thank you is there a way to contact you not threw this thanks Lori

  11. Erik if you ordered traffic laze for 12.95 from the site can we still learn from you or do we need to cancell n reorder from you or is there sonething else if you can please send info n link thank you

  12. Hey! Eric. Thank you so much for your bonus. It’s so valuable to me. I recently found a program that an affiliate *censored* .Thanks again.

  13. Hi Erick, I saw from others that their bonuses are basically “E-mail marketing fundamentals”, “How to Quickly Grow Your IG Accounts & Get tons of Traffic” and “How to make a PLR 19x Better” – the only one from here is the second one about Quickly growing IG accounts. Other offers from affiliates offer stuff I can’t see going for as I am not presently interested in the affiliate or CPA offers – I own a eCom Store and I like the idea of generating more traffic and loving your bonus idea #4 – Run Traffic Laze 24/7/365 and then your #1 – 100$ Per Day With Traffic Laze offer. Is that anything similar to Jono’s OTO1? My goal is to rock-n-roll my e-commerce store and get sales flowing in before investing into other markets. Being that worked a little with IG before, but seriously never considered this method of building a traffic source and customer list… do you have any perspective on how to build an eCom store with this method?

    • Hey David,

      I think it’s exactly what you’re going to get in the OTO, so basically I’m saving you some money haha

  14. Hello Erik I really like watching your videos I was wondering if I get in this program under you would you be able to help me if I have problem setting it up and get it going.
    My name is Alecia Long

    • Hey Alecia,

      Yes I will help you if you have any troubles along the way. However, I won’t be setting it up for you 🙂 Cheers

  15. Hi Erik.
    I just buy it using your link, but i don’t know how fond the bonus package you offer. Could you help me with that. Thanks

  16. Hi Erik
    Thanks for the wonderful review. I have a question. How much do I have to spend on proxies and for buying ig accounts approximately for getting this software running and getting a descent amount of traffic?

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